Getting Away with Metallics in your Hubby’s Man Cave

Different Can Be Good!

A Before, During, and After, (of how I managed to get metallic in Hubby’s office) redo of a retro 70s octagon table I picked up for next to nothing. A lot of thought went into this refinish – but I knew right away which room it was meant for. Since we are remodeling all of our rooms – hubby and I both get an office upstairs – his dedicated to all work, and mine for record keeping, bill paying and oh yes – art! My mosaics will have a workstation, my small painted object and other artsy crafts will also have a station. While my room may look colorful and bright, a lot of fun and not so fun (bill paying) will be completed in there. On the flip-side, hubby’s room will be more like a man cave. Dark walls, with stone panels and a natural wood to tame those dark walls. All the things men like; or, at least my man likes. I had his wall paint picked out right away. There is a nice large window to allow the sunshine in. Also, there is a nice large walk-in closet that is attached to the garage and the path down settles right between his truck and my car. An access ramp (thinking ahead), and a neat place to build a cubby to store outdoor attire for any kind of weather. On to the table! Before the fun begins, cleaning and priming are a must. 

I love mixing things up sometimes when I paint, and I also like to use colors that will enhance the space they take up. We are moving a futon into his office and I found the perfect cover for it – in the exact color I wanted. That came after I played around with some acrylics for the small appliques on the door of the table. They had to be an orangey – yellow because I wanted a Marigold look that would go well with black (budouire) and a very dark green (road less traveled). I also knew if I wanted it to appear manly, I needed a manly essence.

I then remembered that I had some faux leather material left over from another refinish and It was perfect for the top of the table.

Using those dark colors and a lot of imagination I knew I needed a dark color around the top – so I went with a metallic steel. The door was finished in a combination of french beige and graystone, the marigold concoction I mixed up, and a couple of metallics. If you are a Modern Masters fanatic like I am – you should recognize these colors. I did use African Bronze gilding paste on the hardware.The table, I thought looked appropriate with its original chunky style pulls.

The base was a little tricky because I chose to use both metallics and some Dixie Belle colors Dark Chocolate and Dark Khaki – which I also used on the open six sides of the table, and tied those colors in with the Graytone, and French Beige. Interspersed with the some of the metallics I had used on the door panels. The base was all hand painted and yes, I am the kind of person who goes back and forth until all of the lines are tidy!

It’s time consuming, but well worth it. The remaining six side panels, I first spritzed with water. Loaded the dark chocolate, covering much of one panel at a time, and taking care to get the paint into the top and lower crevasses. I then repeated the spritz and blended the dark chocolate with the dark khaki, all the while blending the brush strokes in one general direction so the lines on corresponding panels would look more patterned. If one color became too faded, I would use more of whichever color I needed and spritzed again, using very little water, if needed.

I covered the table in clear wax. Then went back and used dark wax only in the upper and lower crevices of the six blended panels – then sealed.








Totally retro and totally loving it!

It wasn’t too difficult to see how much hubby liked it – and, he is now, for the first time getting excited to have his own man cave – even with the metallic!

Original purchase condition – no painting had been done on this table.

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